Monomode fibers

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They are fibers with the much more fine glass nucleus that in the following case, allowing the passage of an only beam of light. These fibers have the characteristic to have a very superior reach (up to 10 km) For their correct operation need more powerful and falsified emitters laser, which increases in price its use. These fibers are used fundamentally for average connections, releases and very long distance: from 550 meters to 40 kilometers.

The fibers monoway do not undergo so much the phenomenon of the dispersion (to see following section) like the multiway since by the fiber every time only travels a light pulse. Also it has less attenuation (partial absorption to the being reflected in the coating) what a transmission of the most trustworthy signal guarantees.

Monomode fiber

One of the disadvantages of this type of fibers, is that to the being the much more narrow nucleus that in fibers multiway, the connection between two fibers much more must be precise, increasing in price the connectors and the cost of the cable in general.

3 basic types of fiber exist monoway: NDSF, DSF and NZ-DSF. The differences between the 3 types are based mainly on their adjustment for the operation with different laser that work in different wavelengths.

Finally, a fiber family monoway, PM (Polarization-maintaining), is able to transmit only one polarization of the entrance light, which has very interesting applications in the industry.

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